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Last Updated: 4/12/19

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Enid F. Anderson - 820th Bomb Sq. wntanderson@aol.com E-Mail: Enid Anderson URL
Linda Anderson - (Daughter of Gus) - 820th Bomb Sq. landerson@austin.rr.com E-Mail: Linda Anderson URL
Jim R. Bain - 47th Bomb Sq. jbain8@juno.com E-Mail: Jim Bain URL
Robert J. Baird (Arlie) - 396th Bomb Sq. kashelak@whro.net E-Mail: Bob Baird URL
Mary J. Warden Baker (Bill) - (Daughter of Norris E. Warden) - 47th Bomb Sq. Mary_Baker@osca.state.mo.us E-Mail: Mary J. Baker URL
Frank A. Bayer - (Son of John) - 47th Bomb Sq. Bayer@engr.wisc.edu E-Mail: Frank Bayer URL
Lou Beisser - 396th Bomb Sq. Theeowls@wmconnect.com E-Mail: Lou Beisser URL
Fran Bellamy (Ken) - (Daughter of James Hegg) - 48th Bomb Sq. FranBnKenB@aol.com E-Mail: Fran Bellamy URL
Patricia Brettell (Daniel ) - (Daughter of Bill Meeks) - 47th Bomb Sq. dbret@fast.net E-Mail: Pat Brettrell URL
David R. Bush (Son of Grant A.) - 820th Bomb Sq. DARBU06@webtv.net E-Mail: David R. Bush URL
Joseph Carrion (Vera) - 48th Bomb Sq. verajoe@webtv.net E-Mail: Joseph Carrion URL
Sean Casey (Son of Vincent E.) - 396th Bomb Sq. sean@scaseyllc.com E-Mail: Sean Casey URL
William Chilson - 48th Bomb Sq. wmchil47@bellsouth.net E-Mail: William Chilson URL
Kemary Crowder - (Daughter of Kem Sitterley) - 47th Bomb Sq. kcrowder@aol.com E-Mail: Kemary Crowder URL
Edward Danko -  48th Bomb Sq. edjoe22@comcast.net E-Mail: Ed Danko URL
Joe Despot, Jr.- (Son of Joe Despot) - 47th Bomb Sq. jwdjr47@gmail.com E-Mail: Joe Despot URL
Jon K. Dively, DDS - (Son of Karl James) - 820th Bomb Sq. drdively@macomb.com E-Mail: Jon Dively URL
Bob Dorough (Pam) - (Son of James L.) -  48th Bomb Sq. bob@digitalvideoarts.com E-Mail: Bob Dorough URL
Elaine Dorough - (Wife of James L.) -  48th Bomb Sq. evdoro@surfsouth.com E-Mail: Elaine Dorough URL
Ed Feist (Liz) - 396th Bomb Sq. FeistLiz@aol.com E-Mail: Ed Feist URL
Art Ferriera - 396th Bom Sq. Arferr@aol.com E-Mail: Art Ferriera URL
Joseph J. Garner (Frances) - 47th Bomb Sq. TECUM90@aol.com E-Mail: Joe Gardner URL
Adam C. Geril (Son of Norman) - 820th Bomb Sq. ageril@earthlink.net E-Mail: Adam Geril URL
Brady W. Geril (Son of Norman) - 820th Bomb Sq. Z1MPH160@aol.com E-Mail: Brady Geril URL
Norman Geril (Lenore) - 820th Bomb Sq. ngeril@earthlink.net E-Mail: Norm Geril URL
Barbara Giordano (Richard) - (Daughter of Paul Bower), 396th Bomb Sq. RJGiordano@aol.com E-Mail: Barbara Girodano URL
Carl L. Gray - (Son of Lucian) - 47th Bomb Sq. grayboys@webtv.net E-Mail: Carl Gray URL
Rolf Grandstaff (Katrina) - (Son of John F.) - 47th Bomb Sq. rolfgrand@aol.com E-Mail: Rolf Grandstaff URL
Ben Louis Grobe (Sandra) - (Son of Ben B.) - 47th Bomb Sq. grobe@icsi.net E-Mail: Ben L. Grobe URL
Robert Haney - Friend of the 41st bhaney2525@gmail.com E-Mail: Robert Haney URL
Frank Hanley - 41st Bomb Group Historian fhnly@aol.com E-Mail: Frank Hanley URL
George W. Harrison - 47th Bomb Sq. sqdn47@yahoo.com E-Mail: George Harrison URL
Paul Hopson - 48th Bomb Sq. Hopson2909@roadrunner.com E-Mail: Paul Hopson URL
Rod Johnson - (Son of Erland R.) - 48th Bomb Sq. REJohnson@aol.com E-Mail: Rod Johnson URL
George P. Kelly (Helen) - 48th Bomb Sq. COLGPK@mindspring.com E-Mail: George P. Kelly URL
Raymond P. Kuttenkuler (Mary) - 47th Bomb Sq. Rpkmur@aol.com E-Mail: Ray Kuttenkuler URL
John Mahan (Toni) - 47th Bomb Sq. jonto@sunnyfl.net E-Mail: John Mahan URL
Roger W. Maraist (Barbara) - Son of B-25 Pilot, Roger Jamison, 82nd Bomb Sqd., 12th Bomb Grp. rmaraist@lightspeed.net E-Mail: Roger Maraist URL
Claude "Chuck" Massey - 47th Bomb Sq. chmasseyjr@earthlink.net E-Mail: Chuck Massey URL
Robert McDermott - 47th Bomb Sq. RMcDermo@webtv.net E-Mail: Bob McDermott URL
Suzanne Michael - (Daughter of George P. Kelly) - 48th Bomb Sq. MichaelS@LanePowell.com E-Mail: Suzanne Michael URL
William Miller (Dorothy) - 396th Bomb Sq. dmiller76@verizon.net E-Mail: Dorothy Miller URL
Gwen Moody - 396th Bomb Sq. g.moody@cox.net E-Mail: Gwen Moody URL
Debi Mueller - (Daughter of George C. Blickle) - 47th Bomb Sq. DebiRoseM@aol.com E-Mail: Debi Mueller URL
Charles Nixon - 48th Bomb Sq. cjnixon00@gmail.com E-Mail: Charles Nixon URL
Charley Orr - (Son of William Orr) - 396th Bomb Sq. charles012@comcast.net E-Mail: Charley Orr URL
Warren Papin - 396th Bomb Sq. warrenpapin@comcast.net E-Mail: Warren Papin URL
Jess C. Ramaker (Jerry) - 48th Bomb Sq. ramajess@msn.com E-Mail: Jess Ramaker URL
Everett Ross - 47th Bomb Sq. redrossx1@aol.com E-Mail: Everett Ross URL
Charles Salts - 47th Bomb Sq. chucks@oregonfast.net E-Mail: Charles Salts URL
Doris Sayer - 47th Bomb Sq. acsayer@aol.com E-Mail: Doris Sayer URL
Malcolm "Mack" Segal (Pauline) - 48th Bomb Sq. macnpash@quiknet.com E-Mail: Mack Segal URL
Michael Simko - (Son of George Simko) - 396th Bomb Sq. md.simko@gmail.com E-Mail: Michael Simko URL
Kallie Sitterley - (Daughter of Kemble Sitterley) - 47th Bomb Sq. bjkid88@aol.com E-Mail: Kallie Sitterley URL
Brian Smith - (Grandson of Bob Smith) - 48th Bomb Sq. bricharsmith@comcast.net E-Mail: Brian Smith URL
Jackie Stewart (Bernie) - (Daughter of Jack Whitley).- 48th Bomb Sq. Pateud@aol.com E-Mail: Jackie Stewart URL
Dale Storms - 47th Bomb Sq. dastorms1@juno.com E-Mail: Dale Storms URL
Betsy Thomen - (Daughter of James 'Bud' McGrath) - 47th Bomb Sq. thomen99@comcast.net E-Mail: Betsy Thomen URL
John F. "Skip" Thrune - 820th Bomb Sq. skipthru@sbcglobal.net E-Mail: "Skip" Thrune URL
George L. Tolbert - 47th Bomb Sq. GeosPlace@aol.com E-Mail: George Tolbert URL
Joel T. Watterworth - (Son of Earl Jay, Jr.) - 820th Bomb Sq. mctjtw@juno.com E-Mail: Joel Watterworth URL
Johnnie C. Widener (Mary) - 47th Bomb Sq. widener@brightok.net E-Mail: Johnnie Widener URL
Virg Wilkening (Mary) - 396th Bomb Sq. virgnmary@marshallnet.com E-Mail: Virg Wilkening URL
Sid York (Fern) - 396th Bomb Sq. syork@tcsn.net E-Mail: Sid York URL

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