At Dedication
Spring 1998

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This is a copy of the text from the plaque naming those that contributed to the Group Memorial


Though nearly fifty three years have passed since the 41st Bomb Group was deactivated, many of its members have joined together in comaradarie through the years in reunions and correspondence one with another. For many years a Group Memorial was envisioned and it came to fruition on March 28, 1998 when this edifice was dedicated. Five members representing each organizational element of the Group came from over land to participate in its dedication.

We acknowledge with gratitude those who contributed to make this Memorial possible:

Group Headquarters
47th Bomb Squadron
48th Bomb Squadron
396th Bomb Squadron
820th Bomb Squadron
Jack R. Audiss Albert Hettig
Lester M. Berry F. Warren Lovell
Murray A. Bywater Curt Oakes
Betty Esau Cabe Gene Olsen
William W. Childs Glenn Penner
Frank Ciarochi William K. Pfingst
Robert C. Cole Jerome Prazak
Leonard C. Donnelly Edward J. Ralbovsky
Charles G. Esau, Jr. Reginald Shinn
Marie Esau Kemble U. Sitterley
Ted Esau Tom W. Smith
Norman Geril Wayne G. Steineder
Richard Giarchino George T. Tolbert
Urban A. Gutting Gerdice B. Tykeson
Wayne A. Hanson Russell W. Tykeson
Donald Haskell Suzanne Esau Wilson
John Helmer Bill Zingery

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